Custom 360 Wave Cap-The Royalty Cap

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You've never seen a wave cap quite like this. This compression cap is made of a soft spandex and a comfortable elastic band. It is the easiest way for you to achieve your best waves yet. If you want your hair to look like royalty, The Royalty Cap is for you.

  • PROTECT YOUR WAVES – Getting perfect waves takes time and thus it's important to take care of them using this Royalty Cap. This men’s durag will protect your waves from damage and keep them looking stylish.
  • HIGH-QUALITY MATERIAL – We use premium quality spandex that is machine washable and durable to last you long. Count on this compression cap for men 360 to serve you well without deteriorating in quality.
  • FLEXIBLE – Your comfort is at the top of our priorities when we design this compression cap. For this reason, it features an elastic band that allows for easy adjustment and appropriate fit when wearing.
  • INDOOR & OUTDOOR USE – Whether you are into sports or looking to lounge at home on a weekend, this wave cap comes in handy in helping you ensure your waves look amazing.
  • FOR ALL WAVES – Fit this flexible wave cap on your head whether you have the 360, 540, or 720 waves.


Customer Reviews

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Nice wave cap

. The cap itself is nice. Fits and stays on my head when I’m asleep. It’s pretty comfortable as opposed to a traditional durag minus the heavy compression but it gets the job done. I definitely plan on buying another.

Dawon Peay

Custom 360 Wave Cap-The Royalty Cap

Harvey Lesesne

Custom 360 Wave Cap-The Royalty Cap

Robert Washington
Troubling fit

I thought the band would be a little thicker, I have trouble keeping the cap from sliding off my head at night. I also reviewed the fitting video and it still didn’t help.

About some negative reviews.

I will tell you that the stock issue is big on these but so is anything that is good! also I had no problem because you need to be subscribed to there text message alerts so if you have that set up then you will be able to buy something because I finally just got the opportunity too and I’m excited. I need them for wearing a beanie so I don’t gotta worry about a knot in the back like I would with a durag. Next time around I’ll try an grab the durag the Velcro strap is genius I heard good things about those as well.