Silk Satin Bonnet Chronicles: Loc Maintenance

Silk Satin Bonnet Chronicles: Loc Maintenance

Aug 23 , 2022

Jabril Edmondson

To my locs kings and queen we love you! We see you rocking those beautiful locs and you all look beautiful. To my shy friends who aren't sure if they want to loc up yet do it! You will fall in love and look amazing. Here are a few tips on loc maintenance to keep up those pretty locs.

Do not retwist too often. We know how tempting it may be to keep a fresh retwist very often but it's actually very damaging to the locs. Over twisting causes the locs to thin out and potentially split in the future. Let your locs breathe they are just as beautiful freshly twisted and with some new growth as well.

Do wash your locs. There is an urban myth that you do not need to was your locs and that is very untrue. Your hair is still hair and it still gets dirty just like any other style. Though you may not need to wash your locs as often make sure you are not just omitting the washing process altogether.

Keep your scalp moisturized. With locs your scalp is automatically more exposed than other styles. Meaning your scalp is more likely to dry out. To prevent this keep your scalp well moisturized on a regular basis. This also promotes hair growth.

Lastly, make sure you are properly protecting your locs at night. Invest in a satin jumbo bonnet that will keep your locs lent free and prevent breakage.

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