How To Get 360 Waves: The 3C'S Method

How To Get 360 Waves: The 3C'S Method

Jun 23 , 2020

Jabril Edmondson



Are you tired of undoing your durag in the morning and realizing that you will have to live another day where your waves are not on swim? That part of your life will soon be over. Here is a comprehensive guide on how to get 360 waves. 


What you’ll need

A soft bristle brush 
A medium bristle brush 
A hard bristle brush
A Royalty Headwear Durag 
Royalty Headwear's Pomade


    Start Fresh 

    When getting waves, you’ll want to start from scratch. Ask your barber to give you a low cut to begin with. Don’t go bald but rather ask your barber about an appropriate hair length for you to begin with. 

    It's All in the Flick of the Wrist 

    Brushing is crucial when developing your waves. You’ll want to start with a soft bristle brush for your low cut, then move to the medium and hard bristle brushes as your hair grows.  

    Waves are a big commitment so be prepared. Try brushing at 15 minute intervals in the morning, when you get home, after a shower and just before bed. Many people in the wave world (yes, there is a community) swear by brushing their curls every five minutes. The takeaway here is to brush often and consistently. 


    Pro tip: try and brush your hair when wet and it’s easiest to tame! 


    Moisturize Your Crown

    All that brushing can be harsh on your hair follicles. While teaching your hair to lay down in a new pattern it is important to keep your hair moisturized. This will also help your waves stay looking fresh and healthy. Many in the wave world swear by pomades. A good pomade should meet three qualities of having hold and control, shine and good, natural ingredients. We recommend the Royalty Headwear Natural Pomade. It offers quality shine and hold. Also Royalty Headwear’s pomade fits these three criteria for being made of natural products and for offering quality hold and control. 


    Keep It Clean 

    You'll want to wash your waves and doing so properly is essential. It is recommended that you wash and condition twice every 3-4 days. It is also helpful to co-wash every now and then. It's important to know that disturbing your waves while washing won’t hurt them. In fact, you need to scrub to make sure that your hair is getting as clean as possible. Make sure that you are thoroughly scrubbing your scalp to maintain its health and growth. 


    Get a Premium Durag 

    A good durag is essential in keeping your waves on lock. You don’t want to ruin all your hard work in brushing and moisturizing your crown only to expose it to the elements during the day and while you sleep. When looking for a good durag you want to follow the rules of the 3 C’s: Compression, Comfort and Consistency.  

    This is the motto behind the design of Royalty Headwear durags which offers protection for your curls during your hair journey. There are a variety of durags to choose from.

    You want a durag that will hold in your curl pattern, be easy to adjust and wear for long periods of time. The Royalty Rag is the first and only one string durag that will decrease the time spent trying to apply your durag while also increasing compression and decreasing scalp and forehead irritation.

    You will also want to be consistent in wearing your durag to give your hair the best chance of keeping its pattern and holding in moisture. The Royalty Cap is made with a comfortable elastic band that increases security and still easily fits under beanies and hats. This alternative to the Royalty Rag offers a simpler way to maintain your waves out and about or to sleep. 


    Pro tip: Try wolfing, or abstaining from getting a haircut for an extended amount of time, while developing your waves. This will allow your curls to form a distinct pattern. Typical wolfing periods may last from 4-6 weeks. 


    Acquiring waves takes commitment and hard work. If you follow these steps you’re on your way to getting your waves on swim!