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The Best Haircuts for Waves and Wolfing Tips

Jabril Edmondson

Haircuts are one of the most important components of not only improving your wave pattern, but also maintaining its progress. Here are some things you should think about when cutting your hair.
Understanding your Hair Type 
The first thing you should consider during the wave process is what type of hair you have. There are three types of wavers: Straight, medium, and coarse. All types should be cutting their hair at a length that maintains progress. Medium and coarse hair wavers can be cut at  one and a half  inches to two inches at the crown of your head. Straight hair wavers should cut at two and a half to upwards of three inches.
Avoid Against the Grain
When getting a haircut avoid getting a cut against the grain or "ATG". When you get an AGT cut this means that you are cutting your hair opposite of the way your hair grows naturally. This can ruin the work you are putting in to get waves and can hinder future growth. You want to get a cut with the grain. This means cutting your hair in the direction that it grows naturally. This decision is also based largely on where you are in your wave process. If you're just starting out, then you’ll want to only cut WTG but if you are further along in your wave process you can decide what cut works best for you. 
Talking with Your Barber 
No matter your hair type, your barber is a trained professional and while it’s good to get into the chair knowing exactly what you want, it is also good to listen to your barber and what they think is best for you. They can also help you with grooming tips and keeping your look consistent. So, don’t be afraid to have an open and honest conversation about what you want to look like and what your hair goals are.
Try Wolfing 
In between full cuts it's recommended that you try wolfing. In terms of waves, wolfing means abstaining from getting a haircut over an extended period of time. How long you wolf for greatly depends on your hair type. A coarse hair waver might wolf for 3-4 weeks and a straight hair waver might wolf for longer. A good rule of thumb is that you know that you're wolfing if you’ve reached the point in your hair growth that you would no longer consider your hair to be in a low cut. 
During this time, it's imperative that you use pomade to start training your hair to lay down in the wave pattern as well as putting on your durag every night. This will help you during the wave process and help you to maintain a fresh cut. 
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Durags are essential during any step of your hair journey but especially after a haircut. You want a durag that is both comfortable and offers good compression on your hair. Be sure to check out the Royalty Rag for the most comfortable compression you've experienced.