3 Tips to Getting 360 Waves!

3 Tips to Getting 360 Waves!

If there’s anything I know, getting your  360 waves 540 waves or 720 waves can be difficult, so I thought it would be helpful to provide you all with some helpful tips weekly. DuragsCompression Caps Brushes  you name it, we got it! You can check out the quick instagram video or read the short article below!


1. Always wear your durag seam to the outside.

Wearing your durags with the seam to the outside is something that most wavers are used to doing, but it’s something that I’ve realized isn’t always common sense. The reason you wear your seam to the outside is because it avoids the line being down the middle of your head. If the seam was on the inside you would end up with a noticeable line down the middle of your head. Avoiding this line helps to preserve your 360 waves. 

2. Brushing creates waves, not products.

The answer to the famous question: how to get 360 waves is really simple.  Brush. Brush and more brushing. No natural pomade,  durags  or  compression cap  can substitute brush sessions. If you’re not familiar with what brush sessions are, they are the nerdiest way to say a period of time that you dedicate to just brushing your hair. This is the best way to develop your waves. Don’t get me wrong, products are helpful but they maintain and enhance waves,  brushing  makes them.

3. A great barber is a must!

A wavers best friend is their barber. After all the brush work you’ve done, it can be ruined by a bad haircut. So it’s imperative to make sure your barber doesn’t just know how to cut hair, but also how to cut waves. My barber knows that I need my hair cut at a 1.5 closed. Work with your barber to figure out what your perfect length is. Finding a new barber can be scary, so do your research. Find their instagram and check out their work. 
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