How to Maintain Your 360 Waves

How to Maintain Your 360 Waves

It's easy to get into bad habits or forget the good ones you've made, so here are a few tips to keep you on the right track!
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Welcome to this weeks, Tuesday's Tips!

If there’s anything I know, getting your  360 waves 540 waves or 720 waves can be difficult, so I thought it would be helpful to provide you all with some helpful tips weekly. DuragsCompression Caps Brushes  you name it, we got it! You can check out the quick instagram video or read the short article below!

Brush with your grain:

Brushing with your grain is one of the easiest tricks to obtain 360 waves.   Brushing with your grain simply means brushing your hair the way it grows. By following this method, you train your hair to lay the way it grows. Be sure to get a soft, medium, and hard Wave Brush.  This will allow you to stretch your curls at all hair lengths for ideal brushing sessions.  

Moisturize with Water:

Moisturizing is important to keeping your hair healthy, especially after constant brush work. To ensure your hair locks in the oils from your product try adding a little water.  A great moisturizing combo would be our  natural pomade  and a dash of water.  It’ll definitely enhance your experience for sure.  

Compression is Key:

Compression  is what helps retain all of the  Brush  work and conditioning you’ve done to your hair. To ensure you receive maximum results, it may be best to double compress. You can best achieve this with a  compression cap  over your  durags.   Be sure to find a  Wave Cap  and  Durag  made with great quality and materials to ensure you’re taking care of your  waves
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The Key To Your Best Waves Yet

For the  best durags for 360 waves  head over to Royalty Headwear. They are a superior provider for  everything waves
If you’re still asking how to tie a durag, we’ve produced something that will change your life. Our  silky durag the royalty rag, is the first one strap durag. This isn’t your regular durag, with two straps. This one strap durag, have velcro on that one strap so you can easily apply it. Never deal with knots in the back of your head or those deep forehead lines you get from the typical durag.
Our  Compression Cap , the royalty cap, is the only compression cap that has its elastic band completely encased in fabric. This is a simple alternative to your typical durags and provides a great way to double compress your waves. 
Lastly, our  Natural Pomade is made of plant based ingredients that are sure to provide you with great hold, moisture and shine. Made with natural ingredients such as beeswax, castor oil, coconut oil, shea butter, cocoa butter, and sweet almond oil, it’s guaranteed to leave you satisfied.