Custom 360 Wave Cap-The Royalty Cap

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You've never seen a wave cap quite like this. This compression cap is made of a soft spandex and a comfortable elastic band. It is the easiest way for you to achieve your best waves yet. If you want your hair to look like royalty, The Royalty Cap is for you.

  • PROTECT YOUR WAVES – Getting perfect waves takes time and thus it's important to take care of them using this Royalty Cap. This men’s durag will protect your waves from damage and keep them looking stylish.
  • HIGH-QUALITY MATERIAL – We use premium quality spandex that is machine washable and durable to last you long. Count on this compression cap for men 360 to serve you well without deteriorating in quality.
  • FLEXIBLE – Your comfort is at the top of our priorities when we design this compression cap. For this reason, it features an elastic band that allows for easy adjustment and appropriate fit when wearing.
  • INDOOR & OUTDOOR USE – Whether you are into sports or looking to lounge at home on a weekend, this wave cap comes in handy in helping you ensure your waves look amazing.
  • FOR ALL WAVES – Fit this flexible wave cap on your head whether you have the 360, 540, or 720 waves.


Customer Reviews

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natasha jones

i never received it and it’s been 9 days

Wave cap

My only issue is that you are always out of stock like omg you never have anything and there's no notification when things are back in

2nd Purchase

First off let me say I have no problem supporting any business.
I get more excited when supporting
Black Owned Businesses.
Now this is my 2nd purchase with you.
I like the products I purchased.
My only issue is the difference in the blue wave cap and the black wave cap.
What I mean is the fit.
The blue one for me was a little on the looser side.
Where as the black one made me feel like I was wearing a du rag without the knot in the back.
Man I wish I had this one sooner.
Definitely a much more snug fit.
I will be ordering 2 more black ones.
Keep up the great work. 👍

Andre Kelly
The best Wave Cap on the Market.

This is the best wave cap on the market. I've been a fan since the first release. The compression cap has great hold and can be worn throughout the day and sometimes I forget I have it on.

anthony cooke
Royalty Cap

One of the best Wave cap I have use so far. And I have used lots of them. Really Good Compression Cap.👍🏿