Silk Satin Bonnet Chronicles: How often you should wash your hair

Silk Satin Bonnet Chronicles: How often you should wash your hair

Oh, the age-old tale of when and when not to wash your hair? How and how not to do it? What's right and what's wrong? We have the answers (well sorta). We're gonna give you guys some tips and tricks on when/how to wash your hair.

Wash your hair when it feels absolutely necessary. With washing your hair it needs to be at times when it is absolutely necessary and you've put it off way too long. We've all been there when it is dirty, might smell a little funky, and overall just a mess. Wash that hair! There is nothing else you can do at that time but wash so do so!

If your hair isn't exactly just unmanageable but you wanna give it a “reup” this is the perfect time to try a co-wash. Co-washes are perfect because they don't strip your hair and it isn't the full process of the dreaded wash day of a natural girl. It's a win-win situation.

Never do too much of either. If you are ever in doubt about how often you wash your hair you might be washing it too often. Get in the mindset of washing your hair every 2- 3 weeks. That gives your hair long enough from the last wash to restore its moisture properties. As well as long enough to build up enough for it to actually need a good washing. Remember to wrap your hair up after washing in a proper satin bonnet or scarf. 

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