Silk Satin Bonnet Chronicles: Tips for maintaining your protective style

Silk Satin Bonnet Chronicles: Tips for maintaining your protective style

Aug 02 , 2022

Micah Edmondson

Tips for maintaining your protective style
When we think of a protective style, we think of low maintenance that we don’t have to do much with. We put on our bonnets and just go to bed, right? Wrong! Protective styles are just that styles that are meant to maintain your beautiful curls and coils. They still need help doing so. Here are a few tips on how to do so.
Wash your scalp. We all know the taboo on washing our hair with braids and how negatively that affects the braids. Again, the style is to protect that beautiful hair so its important to still treat your hair the same way you would outside of a protective style. A quick wash to remove the build-up is all you need. To reduce frizz mix in some conditioner as well
A good oil is your best friend with a protective style. The protective style usually leaves your scalp unattended as the style overall is giving your hair a break. With these styles to prevent breakage oiling our scalp is essential. A good oil and massage are essential every night to make sure you’re getting the full effects of the protective style.
A jumbo satin bonnet is crucial to the retention of a protective style. Without the proper haircare, your protective style will quickly become frizzy and won’t last nearly as long. With the bonnet, your hair will not only last longer, but it will also prevent the breakage of your natural hair.
How to maintain bleached natural hair
As natural girl, we know the horror stories that come from bleaching our curls and coils. Though it does not always have to be a nightmare. The main issue with bleaching is its drying effects on our hair. Therefore, here are some tips and trips to prevent breakage after dying your hair.
Moisture is your best friend when you decide to dye your natural hair. It is no secret that bleach and moisture do not go well together. So to prevent any long-term damage you must ensure your hair stays moisturized. Hot oil treatments are essential to moisture retention. It allows your hair to soak up the exact amount of moisture it needs. Heavily moisturizing hair masks are also great for your hair. They return moisture back to your hair by coating your follicles nicely until your next mask. Lastly, keep that scalp moisturized. A healthy scalp is a key to new growth. Keep your favorite oil stocked and ready and try to moisturize 3-4 times a week.
Protective styles are also key to keeping your hair healthy. Keeping away from tight ponytails or excessive heat is imperative.( Heat damage is the worst). Of course it's easy to throw your hair up in a curly puff and think nothing of it, but that can be damaging. Getting some braids or keeping your hair in flat twists will be a game-changer. It will prevent your hair from breaking and also retain moisture.
Going to a professional natural hair stylist is MOST important when you’ve bleached your hair. We know so many videos are out there that take you to step by step of how to bleach your own hair. Those same videos don’t show you the horrors that come of a botched bleached job. Please save those curls some turmoil and get your hair professionally dyed. Your hairstylist knows exactly what is needed to prevent excessive breakage.

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