Silk Satin Bonnet Chronicles: How to properly detangle your hair

Silk Satin Bonnet Chronicles: How to properly detangle your hair

Natural girlies! We know the dreaded process of detangling your hair during wash day. Especially for my tender-headed queens, we understand! Here are a few tips and tricks that will help with this process.

Detangle before you wash your hair. We can not tell you how important it is to detangle your hair before you wash it. When you wash your hair it tangles your hair more making it more difficult to detangle after. If you do a quick detangle before your wash day it eases the process immensely.

Finger detangle while in the shower. While you are washing those beautiful curls and coils remember to detangle them while doing so. Again, this alleviates the strain on your hair caused by detangling after the shower. It also helps with shedding and breakage that can be caused by combs.

Always use a detangling crème or some type of conditioner. Never detangle your curls with just water and a dream. This is terrible for your hair as it caused unnecessary stripping of those pretty curls. Make sure you start detangling from the bottom (never start at the roots). This method and applying some form of crème will help to ease the process.

Lastly after detangling, make sure to wrap up that hair tight to help retain that moisture. Use a satin bonnet or scarf to keep in as much moisture as possible and to prevent more tangles.

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