Silk Satin Bonnet Chronicles: Tips for preparing your hair for bed

Silk Satin Bonnet Chronicles: Tips for preparing your hair for bed

Natural girls, we all know how easy it is to not properly care for our hair when we go to bed. We simply throw on our satin bonnets or scarfs and call it a night. Not realizing how much damage that can actually cause our beautiful curls and coils. Here are a few quick and easy steps to help maintain your crown even when you are sleeping:

It is easiest to throw your hair in a curly ponytail or bun and thinks nothing of it. Trust us we’ve been there but please refrain from doing so! The ponytail causes breakage and irritation to your scalp. That not also damages those pretty curls but impeded hair growth. Be careful with this!
The type of scarf or bonnet you use is essential.  Satin bonnets are the best things for us natural girls. That satin stops hair breakage, retains moisture, and keeps those curls and coils bouncy and shiny. If you do not already have one take a look at the royalty headwear silk jumbo bonnet.

If nothing else keep that scalp oiled. A dry scalp is the worst thing for natural girls. It leaves curls limp and undefined, as well as making it difficult to style your hair the next morning. A well-moisturized scalp prevents breakage and shrinkage. Therefore, when you pull your hair out of your satin bonnet in the morning it is much easier to style.

We understand how difficult the day may be and how ready we all are to just jump into bed. In the morning you will quickly regret it! If nothing else at least put in some leave-in conditioner and throw on your satin bonnet to prevent breakage.

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