How To Get 360 Waves: Maintaining Waves While Working Out

How To Get 360 Waves: Maintaining Waves While Working Out

Exercise is an important factor to life.  There’s tremendous value in taking care of your body and health.  And while it’s important to improve your health, it shouldn’t be at the expense of your hair.  Many people encounter the issue of losing their hairstyles in the pursuit of achieving their goals in the gym.  We’ll teach you how to protect your gains in the gym and on your head.

Protection is your best friend.  Durags and wave caps provide excellent protection for exercising in particular.  When we work out, we sweat which will in turn cause our hair to rise and potentially ruin our hairstyle. By using the compression cap and durag as a means of protection, you combat the ability for your hair to rise. Our Royalty Rags and Royal Caps are excellent for retaining the work you’ve put into your hair and maintaining its desired style.

Along with maintaining the hair style, we want to ensure we’re keeping our hair clean.  The best way to accomplish this is by regularly cleaning your products. The utensils we use for our hair must be washed regularly to ensure we keep our hair healthy, especially if we exercise in the products.  It is ideal to wash your silky durags and wave caps after each workout session.  It may be beneficial to incorporate multiple durags and compression caps in your rotation, or purchasing products exclusively for exercising.  Whichever method you accept; washing regularly is mandatory. Both our Royalty Rag and Cap are washing machine friendly.  The thick and silky material can be easily cleaned and in some cases have a better fit after a wash. 

While it’s important you wear your durag and compression caps while exercising, it’s even more important to properly wash your face once your workout is over.  There can be a buildup of sweat and dirt on your face underneath your durag or compression cap.  Thoroughly washing your products and skin will be the best way to ensure you’re protecting your skin and hair. Using products Natural pomade with natural ingredients can help with this as well.  Our is made of all organic ingredients being healthy for both your hair and skin. 

Again, it’s extremely important to take care of your health, just be sure to care for your crown as well!

For the best durags for 360 waves head over to Royalty Headwear. They are a superior provider for everything waves. If you’re still asking how to tie a durag, we’ve produced something that will change your life.

Our silky durag, the royalty rag, is the first one strap durag. This isn’t your regular durag, with two straps. This one strap durag, have velcro on that one strap so you can easily apply it. Never deal with knots in the back of your head or those deep forehead lines you get from the typical durag.

Our Compression Cap, the royalty cap, is the only wave cap that has its elastic band completely encased in fabric. This is a simple alternative to your typical durags and provides a great way to double compress your waves.

Lastly, our Natural Pomade is made of plant based ingredients that are sure to provide you with great hold, moisture and shine. Made with natural ingredients such as beeswax, castor oil, coconut oil, shea butter, cocoa butter, and sweet almond oil, it’s guaranteed to leave you satisfied.