Silky Custom Wave Durag (360 Waves) - The Royalty Rag
Silky Custom Wave Durag (360 Waves) - The Royalty Rag

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Silky Custom Wave Durag (360 Waves) - The Royalty Rag

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  • NO TIE- ONE STRAP DURAG: Unlike others on the market, our silky wave durag for men comes in a unique and novel design with a single strap for tie-free application; With a hook and loop fastening closure, our wide strap durag for men can be simply and fast adjusted for the ultimate comfort
  • SUPERIOR COMPRESSION: This compression durag offers a maximum snug fit to deeper 360 waves while entirely beneficial and best durag for waves 540 and 720; Excellent choice for new or elite wavers to effectively deepen all wave patterns in style
  • HIGH-QUALITY FABRIC: Made from lightweight, flexible, and breathable silky like fabric. This fabric will maintain moisture and compress your hair better than any durag you've used.
  • 2-WAY STRETCH FOR COMFORT: For optimum support, compression, and stylish appearance, our men durag for waves comes in 2-way stretch technology fabric that stretches and conforms to your hair for the perfect fit, every time.