Silk Satin Bonnet Chronicles: Tips for dry hair

Silk Satin Bonnet Chronicles: Tips for dry hair

Ladies, we know how difficult it can be to style dry hair. Especially when we are not sure what is making our hair so dry and brittle. We have a few tips and tricks that will hopefully help alleviate any dry hair problems.

Test your porosity. The porosity of your hair is how your hair retains moisture. Based on your porosity is how you should be moisturizing your hair. Low porosity needs heavier hair masks and crème with heat to fully moisturize the hair. As opposed to high porosity, which can use lighter products because their hair can easily retain moisture.

Once you learn your porosity, buy products specifically for your hair. Stay away from products that are generally “good” for natural hair as those products may not work well for your curls.

Deep condition often. We know deep conditioning takes extra time that frankly most of us just don’t have. It is so important that we do so to properly moisturize our hair this also helps retain moisture in between wash days.

Use satin bonnets and scarfs to retain moisture. Cotton bonnets remove some of the moisture from your hair instead of keeping it in. Invest in a jumbo satin bonnet or scarf to ensure retention of moisture.

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