Silk Satin Bonnet Chronicles: How to repair hair damage

Silk Satin Bonnet Chronicles: How to repair hair damage

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Heat damage, a bleaching nightmare, or just dry brittle hair are all taboos that natural women HATE to hear. We all have heard horror stories about these three and we can only pray we don't them endure ourselves. Here are a few tips and tricks for these situations so you can quickly restore those beautiful curls and coils.

Protein treatments are essential when dealing with heat damage. A good protein treatment not only strengthens the hair follicles but helps the hair retain moisture as well, preventing breakage and an excessive amount of shedding.

Spend more time Co-washing as opposed to washing your hair. When your hair is damaged moisture is your biggest focus as that is the leading cause of hair damage. Since washing your hair can be so stripping, use a good co-wash in between those shampoo washes to help your hair retain its moisture and begin to strengthen.

Leave your hair alone! We know when your hair is damaged you want to find all types of gadgets and products that can fix your hair. All your hair truly needs is time and patience. Stay away from tight hairstyles, heat, or anything else potentially damaging. Leave those pretty curls and coils alone to breathe and regenerate.

Make sure you are using a satin jumbo bonnet to protect your hair at night. Sleeping without something covering your hair is even more detrimental when your hair is damaged. Make sure to invest in a jumbo bonnet to protect your hair while you sleep.

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