Silk Satin Bonnet Chronicles: How to prevent shedding

Silk Satin Bonnet Chronicles: How to prevent shedding

Jul 12 , 2022

Jabril Edmondson

Shedding is inevitable. In some instances, it seems to be happening more than normal, especially after having been in a long hairstyle or having not detangled in a while. No worries, we got some tips for you to prevent shedding.

Detangle regularly. We know just the thought of detangling causes irritation amongst us natural girls but it is so necessary. Going too long between detangling will not only make the process hurt more but cause more shedding.

Use the proper detangling tools. We recommend using your hands for the bulk of your detangling. Combs and brushes can pull at your hair causing more shedding. Use your fingers to get the tangles out of those pretty coils and then use your detangling tools, starting from the end and moving up to the roots.

Moisture moisture moisture! Though shedding is normal, excess shedding can come from a lack of moisture. Make sure to be keeping your hair well moisturized especially when you are planning to detangle. Use a heavier conditioner or a specific detangling product to retain help moisture.

Use a proper nightly satin bonnet or satin scarf. Shedding can also come from friction to the hair that can be caused by the wrong products. Make sure to invest in a satin jumbo bonnet to continue to prevent shedding.

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